Giving & Receiving


Whew. Can you believe it will be May 1st tomorrow? Time sure does fly when you are urban farming in the beautiful City of York! A brieft list of tasks we accomplished this past week:
– seeding new trays of arugula, spinach, peppers & fall sqaush
– planting hot peppers including habanero, jalapeño, ghost, cayenne & carolina reaper varieties
– staking abovementioned hot peppers to ensure healthy growth & efficient, future harvesting
– spreading straw to help retain moisture & microbial activity within our soils as well as minimize weed pressure
– planting eggplant, beets, potatoes and a first round of herbs – basil, parsley, dill, & tarragon!
– preparing trays of transplants to be shared with NorthEast Neighborhood Community Garden & others


This week’s recipe for inspiration, information & inclusion: the button link below to our fresh, short documentary on York Fresh Food Farms, its origin, purpose, & aspirations:Watch York Fresh Food Farms Short Film – Our Story


In the excitement of Spring and as a thank you for continued support from our community, York Fresh Food Farms will be handing out seed-starter kits and potted plants (**while supplies last**) at Cottage Hill Garden (CHG) in partner with the CHG and its leader, Annalisa! Taking place this Saturday, May 2nd, from 11am-3pm out front of Cottage Hill Garden, friends and neighbors are welcome to simply drive by to receive a potted plant or seed starter kit to encourage urban gardening and increasing green space within the City of York, accompanied by information on York Fresh Food Farms upcoming Mobile Produce Market. We would love to see you in passing and offer a gift of gratitude for all that is and all that is to come! See the event on facebook: Peep the photos below for some urban gardening inspiration from the rooftop of our Assistant Farm Manager’s West Market abode x

We impart this act of gratitude in hopes that our friends & neighbors would choose to support our organization tomorrow during Give Local York 2020.We thank you in advance for any amount you choose to share with us & we only hope to return the favor with fresh, organically-grown produce filling your pantry this upcoming market season!

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