We Don't Like Waste.

York Fresh Food Farms produces over 15 tons of produce a year, but not all of it is suitable for market.  There is a certain amount of plant waste both in harvesting and the preparation (washing and trimming) process.  Sometimes there is an overabundance of produce that doesn’t sell.  The supplies and materials that arrive at the farm come in their own shipping containers/packaging.  

We don’t like waste, in any form.  That’s why we’re striving towards zero waste.  It’s an ambitious goal and we are not there yet—but we have started on our journey and will be relentless in pursuing it.  Here are some of the ways we are reducing and repurposing waste at York Fresh Food Farms:

  • Surplus vegetables and fruits are donated to local food pantries, shelters, and other non-profit organizations.
  • Produce that is not suitable for donation is used as pig fodder by a local farmer.
  • Vegetable trimmings and other organic materials are composted, to be reincorporated into the soil as enrichment.  Three composters, funded by Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful's Healing the Planet Grant Program with support from The Giant Company, demonstrate the process of composting. 
  • In the fields, a flail mower chops up spent plant material into mulch, to make healthier soil for future crops.
  • Customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable bags when shopping at a mobile produce market or picking up their FarmShare.  We offer York Fresh Food Farms reusable bags for a small donation, and give them away at special events.
  • Where practical, we’re using paper bags instead of boxes for FarmShare deliveries and group distributions.  Unfortunately, regulations do not allow us to reuse boxes for produce.
  • Egg carton returns are accepted for reuse.
  • Boxes (from shipping), cans and glass are recycled.
  • Plastic is collected and taken to CRDC, a local plant that processes all types of plastic into aggregate for building blocks.  First-ever U.S. Facility Transforms Unwanted Plastic Waste Into Concrete Additive – CRDC Global