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York Fresh Food Farms operates a nonprofit Mobile Produce Market, with 2 farmstand-on-wheels vehicles, to sell the produce harvested from York Fresh Food Farms’ 4+ acre York City urban farm.  The prices at the Mobile Produce Market are kept low and affordable.

The Mobile Produce Market runs from June to November and follows a regular schedule with 14 market stops in different underserved York City neighborhoods each weekday. 

Summer markets are OPEN!  Visit us at one of the locations below.

Text your e-mail address to Farm Shares to 717-515-4799 to be on our email list for schedule details, updates, specials and coupons.

Questions?  Email us or call 717-515-4799

We look forward to serving you all throughout the year and hope you enjoy the fresh food we grow here in York!

The Mobile Produce Market launched in June 2018 with 7 market stops.  Thanks to the support of our great customers and of federal, state, and community donors, York Fresh Food Farms expanded its Mobile Produce Market in 2020 and 2021 to meet the increased need for healthy and affordable produce due to COVID-19.  Every year, the demand for fresh produce and healthy food grows.  The Mobile Produce Market is an important step towards achieving York Fresh Food Farms’ goals of providing nutritious, sustainably grown produce to underserved York City residents, addressing food access inequities, spreading the word about nutritious, good tasting fruits and vegetables and eating healthy and increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables in the City of York.  Find a Mobile Produce Market stop near you!

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