Y3F 2020 Mobile Produce Market ran from June 12th to November 6th, offering 21 Weeks of Affordable Markets to Neighborhoods throughout York City

When families can afford a healthy diet, communities get healthier.

York Fresh Food Farms launched the third year of its Mobile Produce Market operation, a farmers-market-on-wheels, on June 12th, 2020.

The Mobile Produce Market operated from June to the first week in November, bringing high quality, affordable, farm-fresh produce to underserved and food insecure neighborhoods and to City residents with limited transportation.

The Mobile Produce Market accepts SNAP Benefits/EBT, WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program checks, Food Bucks, WellSpan Market Bucks vouchers, cash, credit and debit.

To better serve low income customers, York Fresh Food Farms is participating in The Food Trust’s (Philadelphia, PA) Food Bucks program that will boost the buying power of customers using SNAP.  With Food Bucks, every $5 SNAP purchase will entitle that customer to a $2 Food Bucks coupon to buy more produce: for every $5 spent with SNAP, you receive a $2 Food Buck Coupon. York Fresh Food Farms will continue to offer this Coupon Program in 2021.

The Mobile Produce Market operation is an important step towards achieving York Fresh Food Farms’ goals of providing nutritious, organically grown produce to underserved York City residents, addressing food access inequities, spreading the word about nutritious, good tasting fruits and vegetables and eating healthy and increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables in the City of York.

Look for York Fresh Food Farms’ Green Veggie Van in your neighborhood in the Spring of 2021!

Y3F hosts the following Mobile Produce Market stops as part of the City of York Bureau of Health’s Healthy Corner Store Initiative:

Lee’s Food Market (564 N Pershing) Tuesdays 230-430

Paks Food Market (750 E Princess St) Thursdays 330-530

4 the Family (673 E Market St) Wednesdays 330-530

In addition to hosting the produce market, York Fresh Food Farms also partnered with the Food Trust of Philadelphia to offer their Heart Smarts Program, a simple nutrition education program, at both Paks Food Market and 4 The Family corner stores in its 2020 Season. York Fresh Food Farms plans to offer a more extensive Nutrition Education Program at its 2021 Mobiel Produce Market.


The 2021 Mobile Produce Market operation will offer nutrition information that will focus on eating more fruits and vegetables by providing above-and-beyond customer service at each market stop including:

    • information and handouts about fruits and vegetables offered for sale,
    • recipes, food preparation and storage information, food budgeting tips and other resources.
    • friendly conversation on customer culture, background, and known kitchen practices